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Ground Floor
65-67 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
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Our store is located right next to Glen Waverley train station.

Monday to Sunday / Takeaway Only
(03) 9560 2288

We accept Cash We accept EFTPOS We accept NFC PayWave We accept Visa We accept Mastercard We accept American Express We accept Google Pay We accept Apple Pay

Frozen Yogurt Flavours

YOMG Plain Tart Frozen Yogurt Flavour
YOMG Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Flavour
YOMG Banana Soy Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt Flavour
YOMG Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurt Flavour
YOMG Pandan & Coconut Yogurt Flavour
YOMG UBE Frozen Yogurt Flavour
Salted Pistachio Flavour Board
YOMG Berry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Flavour

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YOMGlimited Sweet 'n Smokey

Sweet ‘n Smokey, our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING

Serving til July 9 at all VIC locations…

SWEET ‘N SMOKEY > southern fried chicken, cheese, maple glazed bacon, pickles, jalapenos, lettuce, sweet baby rays hickory & brown sugar smoked bbq mayo

PITMASTER FRIES > pitmaster pulled beef brisket, cheese sauce, honey & jack daniels sweetened bbq mayo, bbq sauce, spring onion

JAM DONUT SHAKE > fresh donut, malt, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, milk

Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More

YOMGlimited Purple People Eater

We are seeing PURPLE on our latest #YOMGlimited menu!

Serving til June 25 at all VIC locations…

PURPLE PEOPLE EATER > beef, swiss cheese, mozzarella pattie, bacon, mayo, caramelized onion, bbq sauce, purple bun

BUTTER CHICKEN FRIES > butter chicken, cheese sauce, spring onion, secret seasoned fries (contains nuts)

WHITE CHOC OREO CHEESECAKE > white chocolate, mascarpone, YOMG crumble, crushed oreo, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, milk (contains nuts)

Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More