Mr Pratt YOMGlimited

Our Moonee special, MR PRATT now serving on our latest #YOMGlimited menu!

Now available at all VIC locations til Thursday March 11…

MR PRATT > beef, cheese, james brown bacon, chipotle spiced pickles, onion, chipotle mayo

SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN FRIES > sweet chilli marinated pulled chicken, cheese sauce, sweet chilli mayo, sweet chilli sauce, spring onion, secret seasoned fries

BANANA CARAMEL CHEESECAKE SHAKE > fresh banana, caramel fudge, mascarpone, scotch finger biscuits, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream

… also serving exclusively at NICE BUNS by YOMG Berwick on the #YOMGlimited menu

ONION RINGS w secret …… Read More

YOMGlimited Luau Luau

Take a trip to the tropics with the LUAU LUAU, now serving on our #YOMGlimited menu!

Serving online & in store at all VIC YOMG locations til Thurs Feb 18…

LUAU LUAU > southern fried chicken, bacon, pineapple, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, bbq sauce

CRISPY BACON & 3 CHEESE FRIES > cheese sauce, shredded tasty cheese, crumbled feta, crispy bacon, secret seasoned fries

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE CHEESECAKE SHAKE > chocolate ripple biscuits, vanilla, mascarpone, vanilla ice-cream, milk, whipped cream

Click here to ORDER…… Read More


Our classic chicken parma burger, the METER MAID returns on our #YOMGlimited menu!

NOW SERVING at all VIC YOMG locations til Thurs Feb 4…

THE METER MAID > classic chicken parma w cheese sauce, napoli, bacon, grilled pineapple, bbq sauce, mayo, shoestring fries

YSP FRIES > honey sriracha sauce, garlic mayo, bbq sauce, cheese sauce, spring onion, crispy shallots, secret seasoned shoestring fries

TIM TAM SLAM > tim tams, raspberry coulis, malt, hershey’s, vanilla ice-cream, milk

Click here to ORDER…… Read More

Latest #YOMGlimited Menu

The Chop Shop & Pepperoni Pizza Fries featuring on our latest #YOMGlimited menu!

NOW SERVING at all VIC YOMG locations, in store & online for pick up…

The Chop Shop > beef, southern fried chicken, bacon, double cheese, pickles, onion rings, chipotle mayo, bbq sauce

Pepperoni Pizza Fries > secret seasoned fries, pepperoni, capsicum, onion, mozzarella cheese, cheese sauce

Salted White Choc Caramel Shake > white choc sauce, caramel fudge, sea salt, milk, vanilla ice cream (contains nuts)

Available until Thursday Jan 21.

Click here to ORDER.…… Read More

YOMG Gift Card

All I want for Christmas… a YOMG Gift Card!

Looking for a last minute stocking filler?

Give the gift of merry goodness this Christmas with a YOMG Gift Card!

Jingle all the way to your local YOMG & purchase a gift card for any amount, perfectly packed and sealed with festive love from our crew!

The YOMG team wishes y’all a merry christmas & happy new year, secret seasoning greetings from us to YOU!…… Read More


The Famous Shooey Cheeseburger is BACK on the #YOMGlimited menu!

Drooling over this #YOMGlimited line up… serving from December 10 at all VIC YOMG locations…

THE SHOOEY > beef, double cheese, onion, pickles, shoestring fries, cheese sauce, ketchup, american mustard (YOMG locations only)

MARGHERITA PIZZA FRIES > secret seasoned shoestring fries, mozzarella cheese, napoli, cheese sauce, garlic mayo, basil mayo

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SHAKE > peanut butter, raspberry jam, milk, vanilla ice cream

and serving exclusively at NICE BUNS Berwick… the return of the BAO

BAO WOW > steamed matcha @wonderbao bun, sweet & sour …… Read More



JUST LANDED and now serving at all VIC YOMG locations!

RETURN OF THE GORENG > crispy fried chicken, cheese, mi goreng noodles, fried egg, crispy shallots, sweet soy, pickled carrot & onion, tom yum mayo

HONEY SOY SRIRACHA CHICKEN FRIES > honey soy sriracha pulled chicken, cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, basil mayo, sesame seeds, crispy shallots, spring onion, secret seasoned fries

PANDAN & WHITE CHOC CUSTARD SHAKE > white chocolate, pandan, vanilla custard, milk, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, crushed oreo (contains nuts)

Available via …… Read More


ting tang walla walla BING BANG! just landed on our latest #YOMGlimited menu

ooh eeh ooh ah aah! our latest #YOMGlimited menu serving til November 26

TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG > crispy fried chicken, cheese, pickles, bacon. lettuce, sweet chilli mayo

MEXICAN STREET CORN FRIES > grilled corn, cheese sauce, chipotle mayo, avocado mayo, secret seasoned fries

MILO & PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE > milo, peanut butter, milk, vanilla ice-cream

Available via online pick up, takeaway, & dine it at YOMG Glen Waverley, Mornington, Fountain Gate, Berwick & Moonee Ponds.…… Read More

YOMGlimited Halloween

some spooky treats just landed on our latest #YOMGlimited menu

it’s halloween season, now serving at all VIC YOMG locations…

THE SPOOKY > beef, double cheese, bacon, pickles, onion rings, cheese slime, sweet baby ray’s hickory & brown sugar bbq sauce, reaper mayo, black bun

HOT AS HELL FRIES > habanero mayo, sriracha sauce, sweet baby ray’s hickory & brown sugar bbq sauce, cheese sauce, jalapenos, fresh chilli, spring onion, secret seasoned fries

SLIME TIME > mint, honeycomb, ice magic, milk, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles (contains nuts)

also now serving… a new & …… Read More


some classics with a twist, now serving on our latest #YOMGlimited menu JUST LANDED

YOMG classics with a twist! now serving on our #YOMGlimited menu

BBQ YO MY > beef, double cheese, bread & butter pickles, secret sauce, bbq sauce

BERGERK FRIES > southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, cheese sauce, secret seasoned fries

WHITE CHOC & HONEYCOMB MOCHA SHAKE > white chocolate, honeycomb, coffee milk, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream

also now serving… a new & limited time only PLANTEIN plant-based protein vegan burger…

FACE PLANT (vg) > plantein plant based protein, vegan cheese, tempura battered …… Read More


THE BOFFIN featuring on the latest #YOMGlimited menu

WE BACK with another next-level #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING…

THE BOFFIN > beef, cheese, bacon, mac bite smash, cheese sauce, relish, onion, boffin sauce, toasted sourdough muffin.

DIRTY FRIES > cheese sauce, grilled bacon, fresh tomato, onion, shredded tasty cheese, spring onion, sweet chilli sauce, gravy, sour cream, secret seasoned fries.

COOL BANANAS SHAKE > fresh banana, choc sauce, choc chips, vanilla custard, milk, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream.

Available via takeaway & online pick up at all VIC YOMG locations…… Read More


all aboard… THE PUMPKIN EXPRESS now serving on our latest #YOMGlimited menu

We’re seeing ORANGE! Available via takeaway & online pick up at all VIC YOMG locations.

THE PUMPKIN EXPRESS > sweet baby ray’s hickory & brown sugar braised beef brisket, bacon, onion, bread & butter pickles, cheese sauce, mozzarella pattie, american mustard, sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce, YOMG exclusive pumpkin bun.

HOWLER LOADED FRIES > cheese sauce, ground beef, habanero mayo, onion, pickles, jalapeno secret seasoned fries.

SALTED CARAMEL FUDGE COOKIE DOUGH SHAKE > caramel fudge, sea salt, YOMG cookie dough, butterscotch, milk, vanilla ice-cream, whipped …… Read More

YOMG Iso-Hot

YOMG goes BANNNGGG 💥 just landed on our #YOMGlimited menu

Enjoy via takeaway & online pick up til August 20 at all VIC YOMG locations.

ISO-HOT > double beef, double cheese, bacon, reaper fried onion rings, reaper fried jalapeños, reaper mayo, sweet baby ray’s hickory & brown sugar bbq sauce.

NUTELLA VELVET SHAKE > nutella, red velvet cake mix, crushed oreo, vanilla ice cream, milk.

THE SASSY ONE (VG) > plantein plant based protein, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, tempura battered jalapenos, bbq sauce, sassy sauce, beetroot bun (vegan friendly)

HOT FUDGE BROWNIE > gooey chocolate …… Read More

YOMGlimited Smoke 'n Fire

Heatin’ things up on our latest #YOMGlimited menu JUST LANDED

Enjoy via takeaway & online pick up til August 6 at all VIC YOMG locations.

SMOKE ‘N FIRE > fried firecracker chicken, smokey cheese sauce, bacon, lettuce, bread & butter pickles, bbq sauce.

BUFFALO BACON FRIES > buffalo sauce, blue cheese mayo, grilled bacon, cheese sauce, spring onion, secret seasoned fries.

TWIX SHAKE > hershey’s chocolate, caramel fudge, scotch fingers, twix bar, milk, vanilla ice-cream.

THE SASSY ONE (VG) > plantein plant based protein, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, tempura battered jalapenos, bbq sauce, sassy sauce, …… Read More

National Milkshake Day at YOMG

National Milkshake DAY at YOMG – Thursday July 23

Shake it up! $5 Original Shakes all day, all VIC locations on Thursday July 23.

NATIONAL MILKSHAKE DAY is almost upon us & to celebrate, our crew will be serving up…


Thursday July 23, via takeaway and online pick up. Open til close at all VIC locations.

Click here to RSVP!

Remember to be safe, and keep your distance when in store!

T’s and C’s apply. Limited to YOMG Original Shakes only (chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana, vanilla, blue heaven). Add…… Read More
Burger and BE SAFE YOMG

Burger & Be SAFE

We’re back, VIC!

YOMG are rapt to welcome back IN STORE DINING at all VIC YOMG locations from Thursday Feb 18!

Please note, we require you to sign in, to dine in & order from your table! While we wait for tomorrow & our teams prep our stores for dine in, enjoy the goodness via takeaway & online pick up, thank you for supporting #LOCAL & we cannot wait to see y’all in store shortly!

Attention YOMG friends & family…

Just a quick note to …… Read More


How Now HASH BROWN! Our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING

Serving til July 23 at all VIC locations…

HOW NOW HASH BROWN > beef, double cheese, double egg, double bacon, double hash brown, relish, bbq sauce

CHICKEN, CHEESE & GRAVY FRIES > pulled chicken, gravy, cheese sauce, shredded tasty cheese, bbq sauce, chicken salt seasoned fries

SALTED PEANUT BUTTER & NUTELLA SHAKE > peanut butter, nutella, sea salt, milk, vanilla ice-cream

THE SASSY ONE (VG) > plantein plant based protein, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, tempura battered jalapenos, bbq sauce, sassy sauce, beetroot bun (vegan friendly)…… Read More

YOMGlimited Sweet 'n Smokey

Sweet ‘n Smokey, our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING

Serving til July 9 at all VIC locations…

SWEET ‘N SMOKEY > southern fried chicken, cheese, maple glazed bacon, pickles, jalapenos, lettuce, sweet baby rays hickory & brown sugar smoked bbq mayo

PITMASTER FRIES > pitmaster pulled beef brisket, cheese sauce, honey & jack daniels sweetened bbq mayo, bbq sauce, spring onion

JAM DONUT SHAKE > fresh donut, malt, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, milk

Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More

YOMGlimited Purple People Eater

We are seeing PURPLE on our latest #YOMGlimited menu!

Serving til June 25 at all VIC locations…

PURPLE PEOPLE EATER > beef, swiss cheese, mozzarella pattie, bacon, mayo, caramelized onion, bbq sauce, purple bun

BUTTER CHICKEN FRIES > butter chicken, cheese sauce, spring onion, secret seasoned fries (contains nuts)

WHITE CHOC OREO CHEESECAKE > white chocolate, mascarpone, YOMG crumble, crushed oreo, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, milk (contains nuts)

Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More


JUST LANDED, our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Serving til June 11 at all VIC locations…

THE ALL AMERICAN > double beef, double cheese, double bacon, pickles, golden onion rings, american burger sauce, american mustard, ketchup

PERI PERI CHICKEN FRIES > pulled peri peri chicken, cheese sauce, avocado mayo, peri peri mayo, bacon crumb, secret seasoned fries

NEAPOLITAN SHAKE > hersheys, strawberry nesquik, vanilla, sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, milk

Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More

National Burger DAY at YOMG

National Burger DAY at YOMG – Thursday May 28

Celebrating the day of the humble cheese burg…

NATIONAL BURGER DAY is almost upon us and to celebrate, our crew will be serving up some flippin’ good deals! Thursday May 28, open til close at all VIC locations.

$5 YO MY w CHEESE Burgers $10 DOUBLE YO MY w CHEESE Burgers $15 TRIPLE YO MY w CHEESE Burgers

Available via takeaway and online pick up. Come and stack ’em high at your fave YOMG location.

Click here to RSVP!

Remember to be safe, and …… Read More


Holla! Our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING

We’re feelin’ a Mexican FIESTA! Serving for the next two weeks on the #YOMGlimited menu…

THE NACHO LIBRE > beef, cheese, bacon, southern style chipotle pulled chicken, jalapeños, cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, corn chips

CHICKEN QUESADILLA FRIES > YOMG chicken quesadilla mix, cheese sauce, sour cream, smashed avocado, spring onion, taco seasoned shoestring fries, soft taco shell

COOKIE MONSTER SHAKE > cookie dough, strawberry nesquick, caramel fudge, blue heaven, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, milk

Available at all VIC locations via takeaway & online …… Read More


The return of the famous FOGHORN LEGHORN…

Our #YOMGlimited menu is NEXT LEVEL, just landed and serving til May 14 at all VIC locations…

FOGHORN LEGHORN – southern fried chicken, bacon, cheese, cheese sauce, burger rings, mayo, sweet potato fries, burger ring dust.

YSP FRIES – cheese sauce, garlic mayo, honey sriracha sauce, bbq sauce, crispy shallots, spring onion, secret seasoned shoestring fries.

THE REAL SLIM SHADY – m&m’s, malt, milk, vanilla ice-cream. Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More


A ripper #YOMGlimited menu serving for the next two weeks at all VIC locations…

CHILLI CHEESE BANGER – beef, cheese, bacon, chilli sauce, onion pickle salsa, sweet chilli mayo, cheese sauce

TEXAN BBQ BACON TOTS – cheese sauce, bacon, texan bbq sauce, chipotle mayo, shredded tasty cheese, secret seasoned tots

REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP SHAKE – peanut butter, hershey’s, reese’s peanut butter cups, vanilla ice-cream, milk

HOT FUDGE BROWNIE – gooey chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate malt soil, hot chocolate malt sauce, vanilla ice-cream, milk

Also …… Read More


YOMG PACKS, serving exclusively on our #YOMGlimited menu

YOMG PACKS to share (or not…!) serving exclusively on our #YOMGlimited menu, available via takeaway, online pick up & phone order at all locations.

YO MY FOR TWO – 2 x Yo My w Cheese burgers, 2 x Regular Just Fries, 2 x Drinks*

BERGERK FOR TWO – 2 x Bergerk burgers, 2 x Regular Just Fries, 2 x Drinks*

FAM PACK – 2 x Yo My w Cheese burgers, 2 x Bergerk burgers, 4 x Regular Just Fries, 4 x Drinks*

HUNGRY PACK – …… Read More

YOMG The Lunch Burg

Our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING!

Take a trip to the states, with this USA-inspired line-up serving til April 2 at 5pm…

THE LYNCHBURG > southern fried chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, pickles, ranch sauce, bourbon bbq sauce.

CHATTANOOGA CHICKEN FRIES > marinated pulled chicken, cheese sauce, tomato salsa, crumbled feta, hometown mayo, secret seasoned fries.

PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE SHAKE > choc fudge brownie, peanut butter, hershey’s, vanilla ice-cream, milk, whipped cream (contains nuts).

Available now, order online or at yo’ fave YOMG location.


 …… Read More

YOMG Health & Safety Informaiton COVID19

Important Health & Safety Information at YOMG (COVID-19)

Attention YOMG friends & family…

Just a quick note to address the current climate surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19). We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure appropriate measures are being taken at YOMG. The health & safety of our customers, staff & suppliers are a priority for YOMG.

Here is how you can help –

• We encourage our customers to avoid cash payments where possible and instead use contactless payments such as card, phone & watch.

• Order online for pick up so you can …… Read More

YOMG Pepperoni Supreme Burger

Our latest #YOMGlimited menu is HERE!

Just landed on our latest #YOMGlimited menu, serving til March 5 @ 5pm…

PEPPERONI SUPREME BURGER > beef, double cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella fritter, napoli, basil mayo.

MARGHERITA PIZZA FRIES > secret seasoned fries, mozzarella cheese, napoli, cheese sauce, garlic mayo, basil mayo.

TRIPLE CHOC FUDGE SHAKE #YOMGlimited > choc fudge brownie, crushed oreo, hershey’s chocolate, milk, vanilla ice-cream.

PICNIC SHAKE #NBlimited > peanut butter, hershey’s chocolate, caramel fudge, chocolate wafers, milk, vanilla ice cream (contains nuts)

Available online & in store.…… Read More

YOMG The Hen Pecker

We’re bringing the HEAT!

Serving up some SPICE with a hashtag to match… #yomgitsHOT.

Welcoming the latest #YOMGlimited menu, serving for the next two weeks…

THE HEN PECKER > buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, jalapenos, slaw, ranch sauce, reaper mayo #yomgitsHOT

TENNESEE BBQ PULLED CHICKEN FRIES > bourbon bbq pulled chicken, cheese sauce, shredded tasty cheese, spring onion, honey mustard bbq sauce, secret seasoned fries

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE SHAKE > chocolate ripple biscuits, hershey’s chocolate, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream

… and serving exclusively at YOMG Mornington & …… Read More

YOMG Bushfire Relief


A big thank you to all who have donated, big and small.

Customer generosity from donations made in store across all of our VIC locations has totalled $850. On top of our previous donation made to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, our total donated funds have reached $5,850. This assistance has been proudly donated to the G.E.R.F, who have been releasing funds to those who have lost their homes or experienced severe property damage in the Gippsland fires.

To further lend a helping …… Read More

YOMG Aussie Blue

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, our exclusive Aus Day #YOMGlimited menu

In true AUSSIE spirit, welcome to the Aus Day #YOMGlimited menu, now serving 🇦🇺

AUSSIE BLUE with the LOT > beef, tasty cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, pineapple, egg, beetroot, slaw, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, blue bun.

CHICKEN PARMA LOADED FRIES > chicken schnitzel, napoli, cheese sauce, bacon bits, secret seasoned fries.

MILO & CUSTARD PIE SHAKE > milo, YOMG crumble, custard, vanilla ice-cream, milk.

Serving online and in store.…… Read More

As sweet as ever, the HONEY BADGER returns on our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Previously received as one of our most-popular #YOMGlimited menu items, the HONEY BADGER makes it return, serving for the next two weeks…

HONEY BADGER > beef, double cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, deep fried pickles, honey mustard mayo, bbq sauce, black bun.

CHILLI MAC & CHEESE TATER TOTS > secret seasoned tater tots, wet mac & cheese, chilli sauce, tasty cheese, spring onion.

MALTED MOCHA SHAKE > malt, coffee, hershey’s vanilla ice-cream, milk, whipped cream.

Serving online and in store.…… Read More

’tis the FROYO season!

Froyo season is upon us – enjoy the goodness of our famous hand-crafted frozen yogurt!

The sun is shining, and we are bringing the goodness, FRESH to you daily. Our signature froyo is hand-crafted using milk and farmers yogurt each morning by our very-own chefs. Combined with pure fruit purées or fancy caramel saltiness before being swirled into creamy soft serve deliciousness.

Our goodness bar is where the fun begins! Whatever your combo, we have got you covered. From the decadent and sweet chocolate covered …… Read More

Serving up some HEAT… welcome back to THE REAPER!

It’s so hot, it even comes with a hashtag… welcome back to our spicy friend… THE REAPER. Serving for the next two weeks…

THE REAPER > double beef, double cheese, maple glazed bacon, onion jalapeno jam, reaper mayo, reaper injecta, black bun. #yomgitsHOT

AMERICAN LOADED CHICKEN BITES > southern fried chicken bites, cheese sauce, ketchup, american mustard, bacon bits.

SALTED WHITE CHOCOLATE NUTELLA SHAKE > white chocolate, nutella, sea salt, milk, vanilla ice cream. (contains nuts)

Serving online and in store.…… Read More

What a #YOMGlimited line-up! Now Serving…

Some YOMG faves, signature #YOMGlimited make a return. Staying for the next two weeks…


beef, triple cheese, bacon, sauteed capsicum and onion, jalapenos, relish


chicken satay, peanut butter mayo, chilli, spring onion


lemon curd, blue heaven, scotch fingers, YOMG crumble, milk, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream

Serving online and in store.…… Read More

THE MANGLED HEN - chicken schnitzel, swiss cheese, bacon, onion fries, slaw, blue cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, black bun

Here is our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Some old school faves, some new creations… our #YOMGlimited serving for the next two weeks is here…

THE MANGLED HEN – chicken schnitzel, swiss cheese, bacon, onion fries, slaw, blue cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, black bun

STEAK & CHEESE TATER TOTS – cola braised pulled beef brisket, cheese sauce, honey mustard mayo, secret seasoned tater tots

MALTED OREO CHEESECAKE SHAKE – malt, crushed oreo, mascarpone, scotch finger biscuits, vanilla ice-cream, milk

Available at all YOMG locations, serving online and in store.…… Read More

FREE Plant-Based Protein Burgers, Serving at NICE BUNS

FREE Plant-Based Protein Burgers, Serving at NICE BUNS this Saturday…

A new & exciting plant-based protein, launching exclusively at NICE BUNS. Saturday 30th November from 11am.

This Saturday, our crew will be serving up the opportunity to SWAP your regular YOMG protein patty to our NEW Plantein plant-based protein alternative to make it FREE! This is your chance to try our new, exciting and most importantly, extremely TASTY meat alternative at NICE BUNS, suitable for all.

What is Plantein, plant-based protein foods? The plant-based patty is made from 100% plant-based ingredients made from no …… Read More

YOMG Feta Fettish Fries

Welcome back FETA FETTISH, the latest #YOMGlimited menu

We have a fettish, a FETA FETISH! An OG returns on the latest #YOMGlimited menu!

Serving for the next two weeks…

SWEET HOME ALABAMA – fried chicken, cheese, sweet spiced chipotle pickles, alabama white bbq sauce, shredded iceberg lettuce

FETA FETTISH – feta sauce, dukkah, crumbled feta, spring onion, secret seasoned fries

BANANA CARMAEL RIPPLE – fresh banana, caramel fudge, crushed oreo, whipped cream, milk, vanilla ice-cream

Available at all YOMG locations, serving online and in store.…… Read More

Hip, Hip, HOORARY! It’s YOMG Mornington’s Birthday!

…and we are serving up FREE burgers and giving away  5 golden TICKETS to celebrate!

This Friday November 8th from 11am til 12pm at our Mornington store.

Find a golden TICKET in your burger packaging to win a $100 YOMG voucher plus a limited YOMG hoodie*

Since our opening in November 2016, Mornington has welcomed us with open arms. We have thrived on the hustle and bustle of Main Street and in true YOMG style, we are giving back to the Mornington locals who …… Read More

THE RAZORBACK - double beef, double cheese, bacon, jalapenos, bacon jam, bacon mayo, bbq sauce injecta, black bun

The return of THE RAZORBACK on our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Bacon, bacon, BACON! The famous RAZORBACK returns on the latest #YOMGlimited menu!

For all the bacon lovers out there, we have got something for you! Serving alongside the highly requested SWEET POTATO fries and PEANUT BUTTER JELLY CHEESECAKE shake. Available for the next two weeks…

THE RAZORBACK – double beef, double cheese, bacon, jalapenos, bacon jam, bacon mayo, bbq sauce injecta, black bun

SWEET POTATO FRIES (available regular and large) – sweet potato fries, salt

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY CHEESECAKE SHAKE – peanut butter, raspberry jam, …… Read More


$10 Black Pearl Burgers, HALLOWEEN at YOMG

$10 BLACK PEARL BURGERS, serving for ONE SPOOKY DAY only! Thursday 31st October, 11am til close, all YOMG locations until stock lasts.

Bringing back a much-loved OG to celebrate HALLOWEEN, YOMG-style, and we’re feeling crabby… tempura battered red chilli soft shell crab, asian slaw, coriander, sriracha mayo, black bun.

The BLACK PEARL will be served up alongside other #YOMGlimited spooky items…

GHOUL FRIES – sweet potato fries, cheese sauce, guacamole, black garlic mayo

GREEN GOBLIN SHAKE – peppermint, raspberry jam, vanilla ice-cream, milk

(TRICK) …… Read More

Our latest #YOMGlimited menu is HERE!

Introducing our latest #YOMGlimited menu, bringing back an ol’ school fave and some fresh, new characters.

Serving from Thursday October 17th til Thursday October 31st at 5pm.

THE MAIN STREET – beef, southern fried prawns, double cheese, jalapenos, bayou mayo, iceberg lettuce, black bun.

PEPPERONI SUPREME PIZZA FRIES – pepperoni, mozzarella, cheese sauce, napoli, capsicum, onion, secret seasoned fries.

BERRY RIPPLE CHEESECAKE SHAKE – raspberry, white chocolate, oreo, mascarpone, milk, vanilla ice-cream.

Serving at NICE BUNS by YOMG and all YOMG locations.

Available online and …… Read More

FREE FROYO – Happy 6th Birthday YOMG Mordialloc!

Home is where the heart is, and we will never forget our roots – right back where we started on Main Street, Mordialloc!

Throwback to 2013, our OG froyo store landed on Main Street, Mordialloc. Our YOMG crew bursting with passion for all things goodness, bringing to life a space for people to come together, share good vibes, and celebrate the goodness of local produce.

Only a stone’s throw from the beaches of Mordialloc, YOMG has instilled our famous froyo culture to the locals of …… Read More

National Cheeseburger DAY @ YOMG

National Cheeseburger DAY @ YOMG

And the YOMG crew are serving up some flippin’ good deals! Wednesday 18th September.

National Cheeseburger DAY is almost upon us and to celebrate the YOMG crew will be serving up $5 single cheeseburgers, $10 doubles and $15 triples!

Made especially to accommodate your burger cravings on this monumental day, we will be serving up a classic cheeseburger w beef, cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup, american mustard.


Wednesday 18th September, 11am til close, all stores!

Offer valid …… Read More

Fathers Day at NICE BUNS by YOMG

Fathers Day at NICE BUNS by YOMG

Sunday 1st September, bookings are LIMITED!

Treat yo DAD this Fathers Day with a date at NICE BUNS. The ideal spot for a whole fam hang out on the day dedicated to Dads. Large seating areas, a dedicated play area for the Little G’s, drinks specials and a YOMG-developed slushy bar. It’s looking NICE! We can’t wait to spend the day serving the families of YOMG.

Serving from 11am til 10pm, bookings essential! Call (03) 8548 9566 or book HERE. Limited seating available, tables will …… Read More



YOMG Windsor, just launched via Deliveroo.

Melbourne’s best burgers, fries & frozen yogurt have taken a trip to the south-side. Now serving from Windsor’s Deliveroo Editions kitchen to nearby locations, including Prahran, South Yarra, St Kilda, Middle Park, Richmond, Armadale, Malvern, Caulfied North, Burnley, and more!

YOMG core values remain the same. Our burger kitchen uses 100% aussie angus beef, house made & hand pressed to achieve the YOMG tick of approval. Bringing our vibes to Windsor, we are bursting with passion to bring …… Read More

FREE BURGERS – YOMG Glen Waverley Turns Four!

FREE BURGERS – YOMG Glen Waverley Turns Four!

Hip Hip HOORAY! Our OG burger store, YOMG Glen Waverley is turning FOUR (time flies, hey!)

It’s been four years since our beloved YOMG + Glen Waverley opened its doors on Kingsway, and since then we’ve had nothing but a blast serving our GW locals.

May 20th, 2015, the YOMG crew set up shop on the busy south eastern strip of Kingsway with a new and exciting YOMG concept, adding burgers, premium shakes, and fries to our already framed froyo line-up. Since this day, YOMG …… Read More


It’s been a year to celebrate!

March 2018… TEAM YOMG brought the burgers back to where it all began on Main Street, Mordialloc. Bringing the same bursting passion for all things goodness, YOMG Mordi + has thrived in the heart of Main Street, giving the locals what they love… our famous burgers, shakes and froyo.

A short year ago, our grand ol’ doors at YOMG Mordi + opened for the first time, and our GRAND OPENING was a day to remember, bursting with good vibes, …… Read More

YOMG Cairns – We’re BACK!

The long-awaited return of YOMG CAIRNS in here… this time in the form of a POP-UP!

It has been a long year without our beloved Cairns store, and although the focus has been shifted down south, we could never forget our Cairns faithful!

We are bringing YOMG back to the tropical paradise that is Cairns, but this time, we are doing things a lil’ different. A stone’s throw from our previous location, we will return as a POP-UP store, located on Abbot Street, smack bang …… Read More

FREE BURGERS THIS SATURDAY – Fountain Gate turns 1!

What a year – it’s time to celebrate!

January 2018… the long-awaited arrival of our Fountain Gate store officially opened its doors to the public. Sitting on the cusp of Westfield Fountain Gate, YOMG hit the ground running in its first few weeks and there has been no looking back since! We quickly became part of Westfield’s dining culture and the place to be for burgs, shakes, fries and fro-yo!

Our Grand Opening saw our crew serve up 520 burgers during our Hour of Power …… Read More

The wait is over BERWICK – NICE BUNS by YOMG is here!

After many months of sneak peaks and tantalizing food teasers, the eagerly awaited opening of our next-level creation, NICE BUNS by YOMG is here!

How it all went down… we kicked off the week with a wicked launch party celebrated with our nearest and dearest. From the get-go, the atmosphere has been nothing short of electric inside the walls of NICE BUNS. On Wednesday 19th December, we welcomed the public, and an hour of power with FREE burgers saw the line wrapped around the building. …… Read More

Get into the festive season – YOMG style!

Give the best gift of goodness this Christmas with a YOMG gift card!

The perfect stocking filler for any of your fam and friends – you can’t go wrong!

Perfectly packed and sealed with love, our gift cards can be for any amount and use at any of our stores. Visit one of our locations and our friendly crew will help you out!

Team YOMG wishes y’all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!…… Read More

FREE BURGERS THIS SUNDAY, Mornington turns 2!

Hip Hip HOORAY – it’s time to PARRRRTAY!

November 2016… Main Street Mornington welcomed our team with open arms. Since then YOMG has quickly become part of the Peninsulas amazing food & bev culture… a hot spot for burgs, shakes, fries and fro-yo, only a hop, skip and a jump from the ocean.

Since our golden doors swung open we have thrived on the hustle and bustle of Main Street, Mornington, and it’s now time to celebrate what a great few years it has been …… Read More

YOMG Mordialloc Birthday Yogurt

2 FOR 1 Yogurts THIS SATURDAY, Mordialloc turns 5!

And it’s buy one get one free fro-yo to celebrate!

The year 2013 marked the arrival of Yo My Goodness. YOMG brought a fresh, cool vibe, only a stones’ throw away from the beaches of Mordialloc. A small team shared a bursting passion for all things goodness, and YOMG Mordi brought to life a space for people to come together, share good vibes, and celebrate the goodness of local produce and great tasting ingredients. What a five years it has been!

Fast forward to 2018, …… Read More

NICE BUNS Berwick YOMG Burgers Coming Soon Summer

NICE BUNS by YOMG coming soon…


The latest YOMG news is out of the bag! We have been working on a new YOMG location, a new menu & an updated sassy vibe… introducing NICE BUNS by YOMG!

Launching this SUMMER in the leafy suburb of BERWICK , VIC! With a new look, new vibe, new menu and new name… NICE BUNS by YOMG!

Pimped with a heap of new additions, our NB menu will be full of surprises & some old school faves. The people have spoken …… Read More

YOMG Pic of the Week Share

spreading the LOVE, the WORD and the GOODNESS

Here at YOMG we are super proud of our online community, but really… we have you to thank for that. We put our heart and souls into creating the best quality produce and strive for greatness in customer service.

The YOMG vibe has grown by word of mouth, reinging supreme as the most reliable and respected source of “where to” & “what to”… we love it! So once a week we pick one of our fave customer snaps… our PIC OF THE WEEK (aka POTW)!…… Read More

YOMG National Burger Day 2018

National Burger Day @ YOMG 28th May

National Burger Day is almost upon us and as the reigning champions of the humble cheese burg, YOMG is here to accomodate your cravings on this momumental day… in the form of a single, double or triple!

Thats right, we are serving up some sweet offerings to our most loyals!

On Monday 28th May from 11am – close in all YOMG stores, our crew is serving up…

$5 Single YO MY w Cheese Burgers $10 Double YO MY w Cheese Burgers $15 Triple YO…… Read More

Mordialloc – right back where we started!

The saying goes “don’t fix what isn’t broken”, so when the YOMG team were looking for a new beach side location, we decided to bring our burgers back to where it all began!

Mordialloc has always had our heart – and with good reason.

Home is where the heart is and since the beginning, Mordialloc has felt like home since our humble beginnings on Main Street in 2013. Since then, it has been a wild ride getting to where we are today, however, any successful business …… Read More

The wait is over, Fountain Gate!

It’s exciting, it’s new. YOMG is back bigger, bolder and better than ever in our new Westfield Fountain Gate location!

Sitting on the outer cusp of Westfield Fountain Gate shopping centre, Narre Warren, we have snagged ourselves a prime location with a large open space filled with light and hip architecture.

Since our opening day we have been pumping out the good vibes and we have been flipping’ busy!

Starting off with a VIP night, we treated some of our fav peeps to a night …… Read More

YOMG Mornington Turns ONE – HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

It seems like forever ago that we had a bit of work done (well.. a lot of work done!).

Moving to a bigger and bolder location on Mornington Main Street, we brought the Morno natives what they had been asking for – Burgers, shakes, fries and fro-yo!

On the 3rd of November, 2016, sporting a new vibe and a new menu, we opened our golden doors to the brand new Morno hot spot. Just a stones throw away from the beach front we were able …… Read More

YOMG… for the love of cheese!

YOMG boast the best burgers in Melbourne but it’s one of our star attractions that has everybody talkin’.. Cheese, we’re looking at you!

Burgers oozing with melting golden goo and small crispy bites with a soft and sultry enter, there is no doubt we have set the bench mark high when it comes to creating the ultimate cheese-filled feast.


Chilli Cheese Fries, Nutella cheesecake shake and beef patties dripping with the stuff, we are just touching the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the extensive …… Read More

Shaking Things Up, YOMG Style!

Shaking Things Up, YOMG Style!

Beginning with frozen yogurt and morphing into Melbourne’s favourite burger restaurant, it is clear that there is nothing we won’t try and nothing we can’t do – we love to shake things up!

Introducing shakes to our extensive menu fro-yo, burgers & fries menu was the only logical answer when asked the question – ‘how to we quench these guys thirst for something sweet!?’.

Shakes. Thats how.

The secret is simple. Good quality milk and ice-cream, indulgent ingredients and the magic touch.. Smooth, creamy and …… Read More

YOMG Mordi coming soon! Baysiders…. are yo’ ready!?

Calling all baysiders, are yo’ ready?

Signs are up and we are moving in..  It’s official! #YOMGDOESMORDI! We have a brand spankin’ new space and we’re excited to fit it out…YOMG STYLE!

Our new home in Mordialloc Main Street will host our full menu range of premium burgers, shakes & loaded fries alongside our signature frozen yogurt line up. Spreading the love in style, we know we’ve got what the Mordi locals like. From big and beefy to Gluten free and Vegan – Recipes that are all ours, …… Read More


VEGAN GOODNESS by YOMG – are yo’ ready to veg out!?

Famous for our awe-inspiring burgers, we are turning up to our next burger truck event with a whole new menu.. and it’s VEGAN!

Our food truck crew are revving up to take part in the VEGAN VEGOUT at Welcome to Thornbury this coming Wednesday 7th while the rest of us sit eagerly, ready to spread the burger love with a whole new group of people!

While the team have always been passionate about embracing our community and providing an amazing option for everyone, this is the first …… Read More

Undeniably great.. it’s our CHEFS working hard in our kitchens that make the YOMG difference!

Serving up consistently great food & good vibes doesn’t always come easy.. but with a team like ours, we aspire for nothing but perfection!

The backbone of our company and the masters behind our menu, our CHEFS work day and night to produce inspiring, delectable and eye catching food. Keeping the creative cog turning is a team of highly qualified chefs working endlessly to craft our award winning burgers, shakes, fries and fro yo!

Early each morning, our prep chefs start their day receiving deliveries of  fresh fruit …… Read More

YOMG - Mornington Bloggers

socially served – we plate up why we are so passionate about our media!

In a world full of new and exciting technology, it’s no surprise that the food industry is going digital! With our eyes glued to our screens and an increasing impulse to always be in the know, social media’s influence on hospitality is of epic proportions!

Queue: bloggers.

An influential and trustworthy source, a good blogger can be your businesses best friend telling their story in their own words that really captures the vibe of your product and service. With a friend to friend type relationship …… Read More

Vegapalooza & Miss Fu

Miss Fu just for U!

Calling all vegetarians, vegans & coeliacs.. its all goodness here!

Building a fusion between nutritious and delicious – sharing our love for great food and amazing ingredients is one of our greatest passions.

With a focus on quality, we embrace our community by crafting a menu with each and every customer in mind. From burgers to frozen-yogurt, vegetarian, vegan, coeliac or just plain picky.. we have made it our business to create something just for you!

YOMG make our beef pattys with nothing but 100% …… Read More

The Reaper - YOMG

It’s getting hot in herre!

Too hot to handle, our REAPER sure does pack a punch!

‪As summer heats up.. we serve up another serious scorcher.

‪1.6 million scoville heat units and the WORLDS HOTTEST CHILLI, the Carolina Reaper was the obvious choice when creating the ultimate spicy burger sauce!

Our carolina chillis are hand picked and the secret signature YOMG recipe is house made to guarantee the best quality and fiercest flavor. Cooked down for hours and served in a 5ml injecta.. you know we mean serious business when it comes to …… Read More

YOMG Mornington Peninsula VIP Launch Party

YOMG Mornington opens its gold doors to the Peninsula!

The wait is over!..  Mornington Main Street has scored a new summer hot spot serving burgers, shakes, fries & froyo.

So.. we’ve had a bit of work done… well alot of work done! We have moved to a bigger space across the road and worked tirelessness to bring Mornington the best of YOMG! We have opened our second burger concept store at Shop 2/54 Main Street Mornington and are super excited to share our brand spankin’ new pad with you!

Finding the ultimate location for our new burger …… Read More

It’s official – we have jumped on board the food truck bandwagon!

We have hooked up with summers biggest burger bashes, taking your favourite burgers & fries on the road!

Our first stop is the BIG BURGER BIANNUAL in St Kilda, run by our good mates at the Hank Marvin Market! Burger royalty The Hamburgler & Burgers of Melbourne have helped put together 18 of Melbournes best burger operators in the same place for show down not to be missed!

When: Monday 31st October 2016 from 11am – 9pm (Cup Eve)Where: Alma Park East, St …… Read More

YOMG Online Ordering Blog

YO on the GO!… our ONLINE ORDERING is now live!

Goodness becomes greatness with a tool totally dedicated to take-away!

If you are a regular to our one-stop burger shop, you know the drill. Sometimes it gets pretty cray down on Kingsway! Here at YOMG HQ, we have made treating yo’self a whole lot more tempting with the introduction of a brand spanking’ new section to our online set up.

For those who love to indulge at home, like a fast & easy feed or succumb to the ideals of dinner & dessert at your …… Read More

YOMG Limited Menu Specials

There’s something SPECIAL about our #YOMGlimited menu!

Imagination & innovative thinking are the boundaries when creating our #YOMGlimited menu – only the best make the cut!

With 14 premium burgers, 5 loaded fries & 15 shakes, we already boast an extensive, all-embracing menu filled with choice & variety. But it’s what is scribbled on that kraft paper wall roller in store that really gets us excited – our #YOMGlimited menu!

Thinking outside the square when it comes to ingredients, application & presentation, our ultimate goal is to hit the nail on the …… Read More

YOMG Mornington Burgers Shakes Frozen Yogurt

Mornington… are yo’ ready?!

Dreamin’ of beach bliss in a town that scream summer… we’ve found ourselves a seaside location destined for greatness.

YOMG HQ have been hard at work searching for the ultimate location for our brand spankin’ new burger pad THE SECRET IS OUT! Main Street Mornington will be our new home, hosting our premium burgers, shakes & loaded fries alongside our signature frozen yogurt line up.

Fresh produce and quality ingredients are our gig and bringing burgers into the equation is no exception. Serving up the …… Read More

YOMG Winter Just Got Warmer

Stayin’ cool through winter!

If you think the team at YOMG chills out as the cooler months kick in, think again!

Keeping it current, we turn up the heat all winter long! As the weather gets arctic, we continuing serving up some epic treats from burgs to loaded fries to our famous thick shakes. Believe us… this we’ve got you covered!

At YOMG, we take our comfort food very seriously. If burgers are your business, boy have we got some goods in store for you. Celebrating food for the …… Read More

YOMG Glen Waverley Brithday FREE BURGERS

Celebrating an amazing year at Glen Waverley YOMG!

YOMG Glen Waverley is turning 1 – Hip, hip HOORAY!

One year ago we set upon the busy south eastern strip of Kingsway with a new, exciting YOMG concept, adding premium Burgers, Shakes, Fries & Chicken Wings to our self serve frozen yogurt line up!

Turning locals on their heads, YOMG has embraced the local community and we are so happy to be able to celebrate with YOU!

Join us on Friday 20th of May as we amp up the celebrations with FREE BURGERS from …… Read More

YOMG Morninton Peninsula Grand Opening

Our key ingredient – LOVE!

Reflecting on our roots and rejoicing in what makes us, us! We prove it takes a whole lotta love to create the goodness that goes into our Frozen Yogurt!

Our yogurt chefs are hard at work preparing our yogurt in store each day with the freshest milk and probiotic rich yogurt that your insides love! Why is YOMG yogurt so good for you belly? It’s packed full of protein, calcium, active probiotics, live cultures, essential vitamins and all the deliciousness your body loves.

Celebrating diversity, …… Read More

YOMG Cairns

YOMG keeping it cool – Cairns style

Dreaming of tropical paradise, Cairns is a gateway to the beach, sun and totally chilled summer vibes!

As summer wraps up for us down south – our Cairns store pumps up the heat on the coast that’s always sunny!

Situated in the heart of the Esplanade, our friends up north are smack bang on the foreshore overlooking the ocean and just steps from the Cairns awesomely famous salt-water lagoon pool.

We keep it cool – pouring your fave seasonal flavours 11am – 10pm every day, …… Read More


whats the beef?

Down the south side, the YOMG burger kitchen takes pride in defining the key components of what makes burgers worth their hype and BEEF that’s worthy of R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Lets face it, a great burger requires great BEEF. It must be quality and treated with just the right amount of TLC. Our chefs take pride in using 100% Grass Fed Aussie Angus Beef, a pinch of sea salt and a touch of pepper, embracing simplicity that triumphs with flavour and quality you can taste.

Why GRASS …… Read More

YOMG Gift Cards

Get festive with YOMG

Spread the word – celebrate this holiday season by giving those you love a little somthing YOMG! A gift of goodness!

For wide eyed foodies, our gift cards allows your closest friends and rellies the opportunity to really sink their teeth into GOODNESS!

Packed up neatly and sealed with an xmas sticker – this little package with big possibilities is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Any store, any amount – ANYTHING FOR YOU!…… Read More

YOMG Shakes Milkshakes Melbourne

SHAKING things up!

So here’s the scoop…

You spoke, we listened – your YOMG prayers have been answered… all Vic YOMG stores are now shaking things up serving a decadent lineup of MILKSHAKES!

Our ORIGINAL and our most famous YO MY DELUXE shakes hit the road running along side our signature fro yo line up and goodness bar! From OREO RIPPLE to SALTED PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL, we provide a full range of flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth… see below for our drool worthy line up —


YOMG Loyalty Cards

Thank you LOYAL YOMGers!

Today YOMG turns 2 years young – hip hip hooray! To celebrate we are super stoked to introduce our new YOMG Loyalty Program, celebrating good vibes with the peeps who matter most – YOU!

So here’s the deal…

For every yogurt purchase over $5, our crew will issue you with a squiggly stamp of approval!

Dishing out FREE goodies along the way like sky high waffles, YOMG cooler bags, fro-yos and take home tubs of your choice – there’s more than just goodness to be …… Read More

YOMG Collective Curators Burgers Compition

SPLURGEtember giveaway!

In celebration of the tremendously successful event in which YOMG co-hosted a Collective Curators luncheon, we now give YOU the chance to scoff down some burgs, indulge in some hot wings, enjoy our spring yogurt flavours and down a refreshing shake!


For your chance to win this amazeballs prize, all you have to do is the following:


Share the official giveaway Facebook post Like the Facebook page…… Read More
YOMG Yo My Goodness Burgers Fries Loaded Fries Shakes Chicken Wings Glen Waverley

Burgers, Shakes & Fries join our Frozen Yogurt line up

Spreading good vibes and celebrating even more amazing ingredients, Yo My Goodness is celebrating the near open of our 6th store, YOMG+ on Kingsway, Glen Waverley!

Previously, our concept has included our self serve frozen yogurt as our main stage item, however expanding from this platform the brand is evolving and we have obtained a space that is large enough to bring some more new and exciting elements!
 As a group we have an extensive food background and only seemed fit we incorporate our passion …… Read More

YOMG Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt Topping

Singing out summer with a PASSIONATE topping

Packed full of dietary fibre, iron, anti-oxidants and loads of vitamins, the humble passionfruit fulfils 43% of your bodies daily need of vitamin A!

Combined, these things help build our immune system, aid digestion, good for your cardiovascular health with no cholesterol and is a mood enhancer.

Now what were you saying you were going to put on your next yogurt?…… Read More

YOMG Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt

Fancy a Pina Colada – YOMG Style

Reward your tastebuds and nourish your insides with a healthy take on a favourite fruity cocktail!

This refreshing fro-yo mix up comes to you with a wellness message straight from the Caribbean, celebrating the combination of pineapple and coconut providing the perfect way to cleanse and nourish your insides.

The ingredients:

YOMG Coconut yogurt topped with spoonfuls of Pineapple and a sprinkle of shredded coconut on top.

Our YOMG Coconut yogurt is made fresh in store everyday using real coconut flesh, active probiotics and is …… Read More

YOMG Autumn Frozen Yogurt Ingredients

5 Steps to Autumn Goodness

YOMG is all about seasonal goodness because there’s nothing quite like the taste of perfectly picked fruit.

So, we’re welcoming Autumn with a fresh batch of tasty toppings that, like all things YOMG, are packed with natural goodness.

Create your luxe autumnal treat in five simple steps…

Start with a cup of sugar free, gluten free YOMG Original Tart Top with a scoop of apricot stewed with organic vanilla Crumble over a handful of Irrewarra granola Finish off with a drizzle of raw honey Bliss…… Read More
YOMG Soy Chai Frozen Yogurt Ingredient

Soy My Goodness

With loads of soy goodness and a delicious creamy taste, connect to your inner sun child with a tub of YOMG Soy Chai.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, GM-free and free of any animal products, YOMG Soy Chai is just wholesome yogurt goodness. The great debate is how to choose from our yummy selection of nutritious and indulgent toppings.

The health benefits:

The humble soybean is cholesterol free, lactose free, low in saturated fat and a great source of protein, fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

So …… Read More

YOMG Gift Card Vouchers

Share the Goodness this Christmas

We’re unwrapping our brand new YOMG Gift Cards just in time for Christmas.

A YOMG Gift Card is the ideal present for health-nuts, free range hippies, and hardcore foodies alike. Simply choose your preferred value, pop the card in its special pouch and seal it with your own personal message. You can top up the Gift Card anytime, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Drop into any YOMG store to purchase your Gift Card. And while you’re there, be sure to check out …… Read More

YOMG Adds Cobs Popcorn To The-List-of Frozen Yogurt Ingredients

A Cobsmackling-ly Good Fro Yo Combo

Get Cobsmacked on your next serve of YOMG and taste the goodness of this match made in healthy heaven.

Like YOMG, our buddies at Cobs Popcorn are committed to using the purest ingredients and time-honoured techniques to create a naturally scrumptious snack.

Cobs was started by a couple of parents looking for a healthy snack for their kids. They created their own kitchen experiments and, after many burnt saucepans, stumbled across the perfect recipe, popping their way into the recipe books.

You can enjoy your …… Read More

YOMG Frozen Yogurt Store in Mordialloc

A YOMG sense of style

We’re heads down bums up at the moment, celebrating the grand opening of our third store in Mentone, with Malvern and Cairns to follow soon.

With so many new seeds of YOMG goodness sprouting across Melbourne and up North, we thought it would be a good time to share the story behind the styling of each of our stunning stores.

To create our distinctive YOMG cool, summer style, we collaborated with local designer, stylist and all-round interiors guru, Claire Larrit-Evans. Claire custom designed our tables, …… Read More

Frozen Yogurt Superfoods Mix

What’s on the superfoods list?

Any yogurt treat is best eaten with a healthy serving of superfoods. Our long list of superfoods don’t just taste delicious they do amazing things for your insides.

Find your favourite from the superfoods list below and add it to your next serve of YOMG goodness.


The ever popular strawberry is not just scrumptious, it also throws a mean punch of healthy goodness. The strawberry offers endless nutritional benefits, including fighting inflammation, controlling diabetes, helping a healthy heart and protecting cognitive function.


Beauty …… Read More

Yo My Goodness Frozen Yogurt

Yo My Goodness

YOMG are bringing the goodness, fresh to you, everyday.

At YOMG, we are all about goodness. The honest to goodness flavour of natural frozen yogurt, the wholesome goodness of essential vitamins and minerals, and sharing the local goodness with our Aussie suppliers.

The YOMG team prepare our yogurt from scratch in store everyday. Our low-fat frozen yogurt is packed with live cultures and active probiotic goodness that will do amazing things for your insides. We also offer lactose and gluten free options for more discerning …… Read More

Jonesy’s Dairy

Have you met our mates at Jonesy’s Dairy yet?

A regular morning at a YOMG store kicks off with the delivery of fresh milk from Jonesy’s Dairy. It’s the first ingredient in most of our frozen yogurts, so it’s essential that it ticks all of the boxes.

The only ingredient in a carton of milk from Jonesy’s Dairy is fresh, honest to goodness, real milk. No additives. No water. No milk powders. So, it makes the perfect ingredient for our natural and nutritious frozen yogurt.…… Read More