self serve frozen yogurt

spreading good vibes and celebrating amazing ingredients — it's all goodness here!

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yogurt flavours

allergens @ YOMG

at YOMG our products contain or may contain traces of dairy, gluten,
egg, soy, nuts (peanuts & tree nuts), onion, garlic, sesame and or shellfish. all of our products
are prepared & handled on site so we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur

we love

keeping it real…

great taste is a reflection of quality ingredients. we choose to share goodness from companies that share the same passion. we are about KEEPING IT REAL, that’s why it tastes real good and even better, its real good for you.

Using brands we love & trust, we pride ourselves on sourcing a range of local aussie suppliers as well as big brands we know you love!

  • Farmers Union Logo

    Farmers Union

    Farmers Union yogurt is a perfect part of a balanced lifestyle. Both delicious and nutritious, our yogurt is made with all natural ingredients.
  • Irrewarra Bakery Logo

    Irrewarra Bakery

    Irrewarra Bakery's all natural handmade granola combines the best quality oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit. It is lightly sweetened only with honey and a perfect addition to your YOMG yogurt!
  • Zen Green Tea

    Amazing quality matcha, sourced in a sustainable way and delivered with the best service
  • Arnott's Tim Tam

    Serving up all Aussies favourite biscuit!

goodness bar


  • strawberries

  • chia seeds

  • superberry mix

  • 100% passionfruit

  • 100% berry coulis

good for you

  • granola by irrewarra

  • dutch apple

  • lychee popping pearls

  • mango popping pearls

  • crushed peanuts

  • dark choc cranberries


  • choc pretzels

  • turkish delight

  • mini m&m’s

  • crushed oreo

  • white choc drops

  • jelly bellies

How It Works

  • self serve

    grab yourself a cup & indulge in our low fat flavours

    YOMG How It Works, Step 1 — Self Serve
  • mix & match

    stack 'em up at our goodness bar

    YOMG How It Works, Step 2 — Self Serve
  • weigh & pay

    100g = $2.90. enjoy your YOMG... it's all goodness!

    YOMG How It Works, Step 3 — Weight & Pay

here's some GOOD VIBES

  • The YOMG Difference

    the YOMG difference

    we're leaders for GOOD reason; real yogurt is real tart, real creamy and REAL GOOD!

  • refreshing & energizing

    naturally bursting with essential nutrients, protein, live cultures and probiotics, our yogurt ensures your body is absorbing maximum goodness

  • aussie, aussie, aussie!

    our yogurt is as aussie as we are! sourcing local produce and supporting our amazing country is our gig

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