JUST LANDED, our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Serving til June 11 at all VIC locations…

THE ALL AMERICAN > double beef, double cheese, double bacon, pickles, golden onion rings, american burger sauce, american mustard, ketchup

PERI PERI CHICKEN FRIES > pulled peri peri chicken, cheese sauce, avocado mayo, peri peri mayo, bacon crumb, secret seasoned fries

NEAPOLITAN SHAKE > hersheys, strawberry nesquik, vanilla, sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, milk

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Holla! Our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING

We’re feelin’ a Mexican FIESTA! Serving for the next two weeks on the #YOMGlimited menu…

THE NACHO LIBRE > beef, cheese, bacon, southern style chipotle pulled chicken, jalapeños, cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, corn chips

CHICKEN QUESADILLA FRIES > YOMG chicken quesadilla mix, cheese sauce, sour cream, smashed avocado, spring onion, taco seasoned shoestring fries, soft taco shell

COOKIE MONSTER SHAKE > cookie dough, strawberry nesquick, caramel fudge, blue heaven, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, milk

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The return of the famous FOGHORN LEGHORN…

Our #YOMGlimited menu is NEXT LEVEL, just landed and serving til May 14 at all VIC locations…

FOGHORN LEGHORN – southern fried chicken, bacon, cheese, cheese sauce, burger rings, mayo, sweet potato fries, burger ring dust.

YSP FRIES – cheese sauce, garlic mayo, honey sriracha sauce, bbq sauce, crispy shallots, spring onion, secret seasoned shoestring fries.

THE REAL SLIM SHADY – m&m’s, malt, milk, vanilla ice-cream. Serving via takeaway & online pick up.…… Read More


A ripper #YOMGlimited menu serving for the next two weeks at all VIC locations…

CHILLI CHEESE BANGER – beef, cheese, bacon, chilli sauce, onion pickle salsa, sweet chilli mayo, cheese sauce

TEXAN BBQ BACON TOTS – cheese sauce, bacon, texan bbq sauce, chipotle mayo, shredded tasty cheese, secret seasoned tots

REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP SHAKE – peanut butter, hershey’s, reese’s peanut butter cups, vanilla ice-cream, milk

HOT FUDGE BROWNIE – gooey chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate malt soil, hot chocolate malt sauce, vanilla ice-cream, milk

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YOMG PACKS, serving exclusively on our #YOMGlimited menu

YOMG PACKS to share (or not…!) serving exclusively on our #YOMGlimited menu, available via takeaway, online pick up & phone order at all locations.

YO MY FOR TWO – 2 x Yo My w Cheese burgers, 2 x Regular Just Fries, 2 x Drinks*

BERGERK FOR TWO – 2 x Bergerk burgers, 2 x Regular Just Fries, 2 x Drinks*

FAM PACK – 2 x Yo My w Cheese burgers, 2 x Bergerk burgers, 4 x Regular Just Fries, 4 x Drinks*

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YOMG The Lunch Burg

Our latest #YOMGlimited menu NOW SERVING!

Take a trip to the states, with this USA-inspired line-up serving til April 2 at 5pm…

THE LYNCHBURG > southern fried chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, pickles, ranch sauce, bourbon bbq sauce.

CHATTANOOGA CHICKEN FRIES > marinated pulled chicken, cheese sauce, tomato salsa, crumbled feta, hometown mayo, secret seasoned fries.

PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE SHAKE > choc fudge brownie, peanut butter, hershey’s, vanilla ice-cream, milk, whipped cream (contains nuts).

Available now, order online or at yo’ fave YOMG location.


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YOMG Pepperoni Supreme Burger

Our latest #YOMGlimited menu is HERE!

Just landed on our latest #YOMGlimited menu, serving til March 5 @ 5pm…

PEPPERONI SUPREME BURGER > beef, double cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella fritter, napoli, basil mayo.

MARGHERITA PIZZA FRIES > secret seasoned fries, mozzarella cheese, napoli, cheese sauce, garlic mayo, basil mayo.

TRIPLE CHOC FUDGE SHAKE #YOMGlimited > choc fudge brownie, crushed oreo, hershey’s chocolate, milk, vanilla ice-cream.

PICNIC SHAKE #NBlimited > peanut butter, hershey’s chocolate, caramel fudge, chocolate wafers, milk, vanilla ice cream (contains nuts)

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YOMG The Hen Pecker

We’re bringing the HEAT!

Serving up some SPICE with a hashtag to match… #yomgitsHOT.

Welcoming the latest #YOMGlimited menu, serving for the next two weeks…

THE HEN PECKER > buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, jalapenos, slaw, ranch sauce, reaper mayo #yomgitsHOT

TENNESEE BBQ PULLED CHICKEN FRIES > bourbon bbq pulled chicken, cheese sauce, shredded tasty cheese, spring onion, honey mustard bbq sauce, secret seasoned fries

CHOCOLATE RIPPLE SHAKE > chocolate ripple biscuits, hershey’s chocolate, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream

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YOMG Aussie Blue

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, our exclusive Aus Day #YOMGlimited menu

In true AUSSIE spirit, welcome to the Aus Day #YOMGlimited menu, now serving 🇦🇺

AUSSIE BLUE with the LOT > beef, tasty cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, pineapple, egg, beetroot, slaw, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, blue bun.

CHICKEN PARMA LOADED FRIES > chicken schnitzel, napoli, cheese sauce, bacon bits, secret seasoned fries.

MILO & CUSTARD PIE SHAKE > milo, YOMG crumble, custard, vanilla ice-cream, milk.

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Serving up some HEAT… welcome back to THE REAPER!

It’s so hot, it even comes with a hashtag… welcome back to our spicy friend… THE REAPER. Serving for the next two weeks…

THE REAPER > double beef, double cheese, maple glazed bacon, onion jalapeno jam, reaper mayo, reaper injecta, black bun. #yomgitsHOT

AMERICAN LOADED CHICKEN BITES > southern fried chicken bites, cheese sauce, ketchup, american mustard, bacon bits.

SALTED WHITE CHOCOLATE NUTELLA SHAKE > white chocolate, nutella, sea salt, milk, vanilla ice cream. (contains nuts)

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What a #YOMGlimited line-up! Now Serving…

Some YOMG faves, signature #YOMGlimited make a return. Staying for the next two weeks…


beef, triple cheese, bacon, sauteed capsicum and onion, jalapenos, relish


chicken satay, peanut butter mayo, chilli, spring onion


lemon curd, blue heaven, scotch fingers, YOMG crumble, milk, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream

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THE MANGLED HEN - chicken schnitzel, swiss cheese, bacon, onion fries, slaw, blue cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, black bun

Here is our latest #YOMGlimited menu

Some old school faves, some new creations… our #YOMGlimited serving for the next two weeks is here…

THE MANGLED HEN – chicken schnitzel, swiss cheese, bacon, onion fries, slaw, blue cheese sauce, sriracha mayo, black bun

STEAK & CHEESE TATER TOTS – cola braised pulled beef brisket, cheese sauce, honey mustard mayo, secret seasoned tater tots

MALTED OREO CHEESECAKE SHAKE – malt, crushed oreo, mascarpone, scotch finger biscuits, vanilla ice-cream, milk

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