Yo My Goodness

YOMG are bringing the goodness, fresh to you, everyday.

At YOMG, we are all about goodness. The honest to goodness flavour of natural frozen yogurt, the wholesome goodness of essential vitamins and minerals, and sharing the local goodness with our Aussie suppliers.

The YOMG team prepare our yogurt from scratch in store everyday. Our low-fat frozen yogurt is packed with live cultures and active probiotic goodness that will do amazing things for your insides. We also offer lactose and gluten free options for more discerning tummies.

We make our frozen yogurt using milk from Jonesy’s Dairy and all of our fruit and toppings are sourced from local suppliers. Because we’re a proud Oz-owned company and we want to share the love with other Aussie brands. Read more about what makes the farmers at Joneys’s Dairy so special.

At YOMG, we also love our superfoods. Our toppings are handpicked for their essential vitamins and minerals, and all goodness flavour. You can taste the healthy deliciousness as it tingles on your tongue.

But enough about us, we want to hear more about you. Swing by & grab a frozen yogurt and stack em’ up at your local goodness bar, then drop us a line on Find us on Facebook and let us know your fav flavour combo.