whats the beef?

Down the south side, the YOMG burger kitchen takes pride in defining the key components of what makes burgers worth their hype and BEEF that’s worthy of R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Lets face it, a great burger requires great BEEF. It must be quality and treated with just the right amount of TLC. Our chefs take pride in using 100% Grass Fed Aussie Angus Beef, a pinch of sea salt and a touch of pepper, embracing simplicity that triumphs with flavour and quality you can taste.

Why GRASS FED? Cows that roam green pastures, free from growth hormones and antibiotics is naturally the relationship we wanted our taste buds to encounter. Our beef is always fresh not frozen retaining quality and integrity.

Hand pressed patties, grilled to perfection and teamed with locally sourced fresh ingredients, YOMG sauces made to our own recipes and soft bakery buns. It’s that simple.

Sharing great vibes united with YOMGs uncompromising ethics.