There’s something SPECIAL about our #YOMGlimited menu!

Imagination & innovative thinking are the boundaries when creating our #YOMGlimited menu – only the best make the cut!

With 14 premium burgers, 5 loaded fries & 15 shakes, we already boast an extensive, all-embracing menu filled with choice & variety. But it’s what is scribbled on that kraft paper wall roller in store that really gets us excited – our #YOMGlimited menu!

Thinking outside the square when it comes to ingredients, application & presentation, our ultimate goal is to hit the nail on the head when it comes to flavours that scream YOMG. We have a dedicated team at YOMG HQ who work hard to deliver these specials to our fans time after time!

Our #YOMGlimited menu has produced some our our best menu items to date; The Reaper (fast becoming Melbournes favourite #HOT burger), The Muffler, The Black Pearl, our veggie friendly Veggapalooza & our famous Chilli Cheese Fries. If you love them enough… chances are it will find a more permanent place on our menu.

Serving up a new #YOMGlimited menu complete with a new burger, shake & fries every second Thursday, you gotta be on the ball if you dont want to miss out!

Get all the deets on our limited menu items and stay up to date on insta (@yomgburgers) and facebook (/yomgburgers).