socially served – we plate up why we are so passionate about our media!

In a world full of new and exciting technology, it’s no surprise that the food industry is going digital! With our eyes glued to our screens and an increasing impulse to always be in the know, social media’s influence on hospitality is of epic proportions!

Queue: bloggers.

An influential and trustworthy source, a good blogger can be your businesses best friend telling their story in their own words that really captures the vibe of your product and service. With a friend to friend type relationship between blogger and those who follow, these guys take on an authoritative voice in the role of a new age food critic.

Burger bloggers, dessert enthusiasts and foodie fanatics are an essential cog in the wheel that is social media. Connecting with bloggers provides us with more ways to connect and expand with new audiences through different platforms. For team YOMG, its a chance for to work with those who are as passionate about FOOD as we are!

But it doesn’t stop there! Reviews, check ins, posts, comments, shares, likes… it’s all a part of it! We believe good, old fashioned feedback helps build our success. Organically generated interest & opinions help us build a strong understanding of our hits, our misses, where we can improve and what our customers love!

Social media has been a huge driving force for YOMG since the very beginning through good quality photos, interesting content and a live feed full of good vibes (and #foodporn)!!

Loyal, supportive and engaged customers is what keeps us going – at the end of the day, hearing you share our good vibes, good service & great food is the reason we love what we do!