YOMG… for the love of cheese!

YOMG boast the best burgers in Melbourne but it’s one of our star attractions that has everybody talkin’.. Cheese, we’re looking at you!

Burgers oozing with melting golden goo and small crispy bites with a soft and sultry enter, there is no doubt we have set the bench mark high when it comes to creating the ultimate cheese-filled feast.


Chilli Cheese Fries, Nutella cheesecake shake and beef patties dripping with the stuff, we are just touching the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the extensive list of drool-worthy items we lust over.

Famous for our smooth and tasty cheese sauce, there is still one menu item that takes the crown as YOMG cheese royalty.

Our Mac & Cheese Bites are small pieces of heaven with a crisp and crunchy deep-fried exterior and a velvety tasty, mozzarella, parmesan, American cheddar and feta filled inside. Finished with a side of cheese sauce and served hot as hell, we believe we have perfected every bodies ultimate cheesy fantasy.


It is evident that we just can’t get enough.. But it doesn’t stop there!

#YOMGLimited Specials including stringy mozzarella patties, cheesecake frozen yogurt and lemon cheesecake shake top it off.


Clearly, Leaving YOMG without having your wildest and cheesiest imagination fulfilled is not an option.

We dare you to try!


We recommend these cheesy menu items:

YO MY WITH CHEESE – Beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, secret sauce

AMERICAN FRIES – Cheese sauce, bacon, ketchup, American mustard

FETTA FETISH – Fetta, dukkha, lemon, oregano, spring onion

MAC & CHEESE BITES – Mac & Cheese Bites featuring macaroni and four cheese sauce, crumbed and deep fried

CHILLI CHEESE FRIES – Cheese sauce, chilli sauce, shredded tasty cheese and spring onion

NUTELLA CHEESECAKE SHAKE – Nutella, mascarpone, crumble, vanilla ice-cream and milk

Cheese Sauce Mozzarella Patty Kingsway Burger Double Spud Mac And Cheese Bites Yo My With Cheese