Mordialloc – right back where we started!

The saying goes “don’t fix what isn’t broken”, so when the YOMG team were looking for a new beach side location, we decided to bring our burgers back to where it all began!

Mordialloc has always had our heart – and with good reason.

Home is where the heart is and since the beginning, Mordialloc has felt like home since our humble beginnings on Main Street in 2013. Since then, it has been a wild ride getting to where we are today, however, any successful business never forgets its roots.

Still celebrating our love for honest to goodness flavour, we strive to bring the locals of Mordialloc even more of what they love! With the addition of burgers, shakes and fries to accompany our frozen yogurt concept, we stay true to our passions while bringing something new to the table. Our food is delicious and nutritious with a fresh new vibe to go along with is.

Mordi locals, this is yo’ time to shine! It isn’t a party without our favourite people so we want to give back to the community that has been showing us the love for all these years.

On Saturday the 7th of April, 2018 we are throwing a GRAND OPENING! For all those who have supported us, we are treating you all to $5 Yo My With Cheese and Bergerk burgers for the whole day! Complete with music, prizes and a special visit from NOVA 100, this festivity is sure to be a big one!

To top it off, we are serving a #YOMGMordi Limited burger the BIG RED (beef, Red Leicester cheese, bacon, baked bean fritter, pickles, cheese sauce, mayo & BBQ sauce)!

See yo’ all there!

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