Jonesy’s Dairy

Have you met our mates at Jonesy’s Dairy yet?

A regular morning at a YOMG store kicks off with the delivery of fresh milk from Jonesy’s Dairy. It’s the first ingredient in most of our frozen yogurts, so it’s essential that it ticks all of the boxes.

The only ingredient in a carton of milk from Jonesy’s Dairy is fresh, honest to goodness, real milk. No additives. No water. No milk powders. So, it makes the perfect ingredient for our natural and nutritious frozen yogurt.

The good people at Joneys’s Dairy are also committed to giving Aussie farmers a fair go. The milk comes from dairy farms in northern Victoria and South Australia that are independently owned and operated by the Somerville family.

Jonesy’s Dairy believe their cows are the happiest and most content in the country, with their health and welfare carefully looked after to ensure they produce the best quality milk in a sustainable manner.

So come in and try our frozen yogurt made fresh from happy cows and see if you can taste the goodness in every cup.