Yomg Frozen Yogurt

There’s no season like FROYO SEASON!

There’s no season like froyo season, & while the sun is shining, we are bringing the self-serve goodness, made fresh to you daily!

Our chefs are hard at work each morning preparing our yogurt, using the freshest milk & probiotic, rich farmer’s yogurt. Combined with pure fruit purees, or fancy caramel saltiness, our froyo is swirled in creamy soft serve deliciousness, good for your belly to enjoy!

Whatever your mood, we have got you covered, with a diverse range of flavours & toppings to choose …… Read More

Yomg The Vegan Hustle

PLANTEIN Plant Based Protein Burgers, available at YOMG

SWAP your protein for PLANTEIN in your favourite YOMG burger FREE of charge!

A new & exciting plant based protein, Plantein is now available & serving in all YOMG kitchens. 100% plant based & suitable for all – vegans, vegetarians & meat-eaters, Plantein is aussie owned & made, & has been created by food experts behind some of Australia’s best known brands, carrying over 30 years of experience.

Here at YOMG, we take immense pride in our products, & sharing this pride is the owners …… Read More

Yomglimited Menu

Sweet Home ALABAMA! Our latest #YOMGlimited menu is HERE!

JUST LANDED at all VIC YOMG locations…

SWEET HOME ALABAMA > fried chicken, cheese, sweet spiced chipotle pickles, shredded iceberg lettuce, alabama white bbq sauce

STEAK & CHEESE TATER TOTS > coca cola braised pulled beef brisket, cheese sauce, honey mustard mayo, secret seasoned tater tots

COOKIE MONSTER SHAKE > cookie dough, strawberry nesquik, caramel fudge, blue heaven, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream

Available til Thursday April 22 at 5pm > ORDER NOW!…… Read More

Yomg Frozen Yogurt

’tis the FROYO season!

Froyo season is upon us – enjoy the goodness of our famous hand-crafted frozen yogurt!

The sun is shining, and we are bringing the goodness, FRESH to you daily. Our signature froyo is hand-crafted using milk and farmers yogurt each morning by our very-own chefs. Combined with pure fruit purées or fancy caramel saltiness before being swirled into creamy soft serve deliciousness.

Our goodness bar is where the fun begins! Whatever your combo, we have got you covered. From the decadent and sweet chocolate covered …… Read More

Free Plant-Based Protein Burgers, Serving At Nice Buns

FREE Plant-Based Protein Burgers, Serving at NICE BUNS this Saturday…

A new & exciting plant-based protein, launching exclusively at NICE BUNS. Saturday 30th November from 11am.

This Saturday, our crew will be serving up the opportunity to SWAP your regular YOMG protein patty to our NEW Plantein plant-based protein alternative to make it FREE! This is your chance to try our new, exciting and most importantly, extremely TASTY meat alternative at NICE BUNS, suitable for all.

What is Plantein, plant-based protein foods? The plant-based patty is made from 100% plant-based ingredients made from no …… Read More

Vegapalooza &Amp; Miss Fu

Miss Fu just for U!

Calling all vegetarians, vegans & coeliacs.. its all goodness here!

Building a fusion between nutritious and delicious – sharing our love for great food and amazing ingredients is one of our greatest passions.

With a focus on quality, we embrace our community by crafting a menu with each and every customer in mind. From burgers to frozen-yogurt, vegetarian, vegan, coeliac or just plain picky.. we have made it our business to create something just for you!

YOMG make our beef pattys with nothing but 100% …… Read More

The Reaper - Yomg

It’s getting hot in herre!

Too hot to handle, our REAPER sure does pack a punch!

‪As summer heats up.. we serve up another serious scorcher.

‪1.6 million scoville heat units and the WORLDS HOTTEST CHILLI, the Carolina Reaper was the obvious choice when creating the ultimate spicy burger sauce!

Our carolina chillis are hand picked and the secret signature YOMG recipe is house made to guarantee the best quality and fiercest flavor. Cooked down for hours and served in a 5ml injecta.. you know we mean serious business …… Read More

Yomg Morninton Peninsula Grand Opening

Our key ingredient – LOVE!

Reflecting on our roots and rejoicing in what makes us, us! We prove it takes a whole lotta love to create the goodness that goes into our Frozen Yogurt!

Our yogurt chefs are hard at work preparing our yogurt in store each day with the freshest milk and probiotic rich yogurt that your insides love! Why is YOMG yogurt so good for you belly? It’s packed full of protein, calcium, active probiotics, live cultures, essential vitamins and all the deliciousness your body loves.

Celebrating diversity, …… Read More

Yomg Beef

whats the beef?

Down the south side, the YOMG burger kitchen takes pride in defining the key components of what makes burgers worth their hype and BEEF that’s worthy of R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Lets face it, a great burger requires great BEEF. It must be quality and treated with just the right amount of TLC. Our chefs take pride in using 100% Grass Fed Aussie Angus Beef, a pinch of sea salt and a touch of pepper, embracing simplicity that triumphs with flavour and quality you can taste.

Why GRASS …… Read More

Yomg Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt Topping

Singing out summer with a PASSIONATE topping

Packed full of dietary fibre, iron, anti-oxidants and loads of vitamins, the humble passionfruit fulfils 43% of your bodies daily need of vitamin A!

Combined, these things help build our immune system, aid digestion, good for your cardiovascular health with no cholesterol and is a mood enhancer.

Now what were you saying you were going to put on your next yogurt?…… Read More

Yomg Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt

Fancy a Pina Colada – YOMG Style

Reward your tastebuds and nourish your insides with a healthy take on a favourite fruity cocktail!

This refreshing fro-yo mix up comes to you with a wellness message straight from the Caribbean, celebrating the combination of pineapple and coconut providing the perfect way to cleanse and nourish your insides.

The ingredients:

YOMG Coconut yogurt topped with spoonfuls of Pineapple and a sprinkle of shredded coconut on top.

Our YOMG Coconut yogurt is made fresh in store everyday using real coconut flesh, active probiotics and is …… Read More

Yomg Autumn Frozen Yogurt Ingredients

5 Steps to Autumn Goodness

YOMG is all about seasonal goodness because there’s nothing quite like the taste of perfectly picked fruit.

So, we’re welcoming Autumn with a fresh batch of tasty toppings that, like all things YOMG, are packed with natural goodness.

Create your luxe autumnal treat in five simple steps…

Start with a cup of sugar free, gluten free YOMG Original Tart Top with a scoop of apricot stewed with organic vanilla Crumble over a handful of Irrewarra granola Finish off with a drizzle of raw honey Bliss…… Read More
Yomg Soy Chai Frozen Yogurt Ingredient

Soy My Goodness

With loads of soy goodness and a delicious creamy taste, connect to your inner sun child with a tub of YOMG Soy Chai.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, GM-free and free of any animal products, YOMG Soy Chai is just wholesome yogurt goodness. The great debate is how to choose from our yummy selection of nutritious and indulgent toppings.

The health benefits:

The humble soybean is cholesterol free, lactose free, low in saturated fat and a great source of protein, fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

So …… Read More

Yomg Adds Cobs Popcorn To The-List-Of Frozen Yogurt Ingredients

A Cobsmackling-ly Good Fro Yo Combo

Get Cobsmacked on your next serve of YOMG and taste the goodness of this match made in healthy heaven.

Like YOMG, our buddies at Cobs Popcorn are committed to using the purest ingredients and time-honoured techniques to create a naturally scrumptious snack.

Cobs was started by a couple of parents looking for a healthy snack for their kids. They created their own kitchen experiments and, after many burnt saucepans, stumbled across the perfect recipe, popping their way into the recipe books.

You can enjoy your …… Read More

Frozen Yogurt Superfoods Mix

What’s on the superfoods list?

Any yogurt treat is best eaten with a healthy serving of superfoods. Our long list of superfoods don’t just taste delicious they do amazing things for your insides.

Find your favourite from the superfoods list below and add it to your next serve of YOMG goodness.


The ever popular strawberry is not just scrumptious, it also throws a mean punch of healthy goodness. The strawberry offers endless nutritional benefits, including fighting inflammation, controlling diabetes, helping a healthy heart and protecting cognitive function.


Beauty …… Read More