It’s getting hot in herre!

Too hot to handle, our REAPER sure does pack a punch!

‪As summer heats up.. we serve up another serious scorcher.

‪1.6 million scoville heat units and the WORLDS HOTTEST CHILLI, the Carolina Reaper was the obvious choice when creating the ultimate spicy burger sauce!

Our carolina chillis are hand picked and the secret signature YOMG recipe is house made to guarantee the best quality and fiercest flavor. Cooked down for hours and served in a 5ml injecta.. you know we mean serious business when it comes to harnessing the heat.

We are famous for pushing the boundaries, so naturally, aiming hight when turning up the temperature was our next task. This build isn’t just hot but full of all things sweet and smokey.

The REAPER – Double beef, double cheese, double maple glazed bacon, onion jalapeno jam, reaper mayo, black bun and a carolina reaper chilli injecta.. this burger has got it all!

Not the for faint hearted.. If you think you can face the fire, we will be waiting #YOMGitshot!