A YOMG sense of style

We’re heads down bums up at the moment, celebrating the grand opening of our third store in Mentone, with Malvern and Cairns to follow soon.

With so many new seeds of YOMG goodness sprouting across Melbourne and up North, we thought it would be a good time to share the story behind the styling of each of our stunning stores.

To create our distinctive YOMG cool, summer style, we collaborated with local designer, stylist and all-round interiors guru, Claire Larrit-Evans. Claire custom designed our tables, chairs, water point and light features, as well as many other groovy little details.

After extensive research of the worldwide Fro Yo phenomenon, we worked with Claire to create a look that reflects what YOMG is all about – natural goodness, a healthy lifestyle, plus a touch of the beach (cos we love it and it’s very Australian, just like us!).

Each store offers a style that embodies a YOMG sense of goodness. The raw materials and neutral colours take you back to hot summer days by the beach and remind you that the simple things in life are often the best. The simplicity and modesty of the design also provides the perfect contrast for the vibrant colours of the fresh fruits and delicious toppings on display.

So next time you visit a YOMG store, spend a few moments taking in all of the details Claire and the YOMG crew have lovingly added.

A huge shout out also goes to our Armelle Habib for the stunning photos, furniture maker Earl Pinto, shopfitters K&K industries, and the cast of thousands that have helped make each store so special. Big love to everyone!